Thursday, November 10, 2011

Labyrinth Lord Referee Screen Kickstarter!

To quote the Labyrinth Lord Society email as it covers all the bases quite well:
With the Labyrinth Lord fantasy RPG having been available since 2007, the need for a referee screen has never been greater. Hunker down behind your Labyrinth Lord screen, rolling dice secretively and plotting the fate of your players!
Steve Zieser, artist for the covers of Labyrinth Lord and the Advanced Edition Companion returns to illustrate the cover of this three-panel portrait screen. The same old-school black and white style is used, so that the screen will look great with your copies of the rule books.
Each panel is approximately 8.5" x 11", with an outer illustration spanning all three panels. The screen is 14 pt card stock, with a UV gloss coating on the outside and an aqueous coating on the inside. The inside is filled with useful tables for reference during play, and the screen is equally usable whether you play with the core Labyrinth Lord rules alone or use the Advanced Edition Companion along with it.
This Kickstarter project is for taking preorders of the screen.
Note that when you buy an autographed screen a portion of that money is directed to the artist in addition to what he is ordinarily paid for the project. By purchasing signed copies you are supporting the artist too, not just the publisher.
The signed copies are available only through this Kickstarter, so when this preorder opportunity is gone the signed copies are gone!
So have a look at the Kickstarter page, drop on by Dan’s blog to give him a virtual slap on the back, or head over to the forum if you have any questions for him.
I've already joined the Kickstarter and they're currently at $513 of their $1000 goal, well on their way.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Map: The Wasteland

This map is based on the overworld map of the seminal CRPG Wasteland. It is ideal for an RPG like Mutant Future or Gamma World. The (rough) scale is 24 miles to a hex. This is from me eyeballing real world distance between Las Vegas and Quartz. Your milage may vary. I've made the Hexographer file available here on MediaFire.