Thursday, April 3, 2014

Random Table: Tavern Encounters (1d12)

  1. Drinking and boasting near the bar are three striking women, a mother and two daughters. They are warmaidens of a minor local goddess of wisdom and tactics. They are available as retainers but will only accept a contract if they are hired together.
  2. The tavern is infested with fleas. Anyone bedding at the tavern will be fatigued from scratching all night until a bath and other accommodations are acquired.
  3. The local sewers are a known haven for were-rats. Recently they have broken through to the tavern's cellar. You'll be paid well to clear them out once and for all!
  4. The tavern is empty except for the barkeep and a serving wench who is quietly nursing a sickly looking baby by the fire. Reports of a local werewolf tribe keep the locals locked away in their homes at night, these days.
  5. As above, but the barkeep and wench ARE the werewolves. The infant is not, but quite ill.
  6. A party of a cleric, fighter, and thief are planning a dungeon expedition.
  7. A lone cleric, nursing a wounded leg is offering 10gp and a map to a local dungeon if you avenge her fallen companions.
  8. This place is packed! Roll 1d6 for each character. On a 1, an attempt is made to pickpocket them.
  9. The character with the highest charisma or strength is accosted by a priestess of the goddess of lust.
  10. There's something wrong with this mutton! Roll 1d6 for each character. On a 1, they are sickened the next day.
  11. This place stocks Trappist ales! Each tankard heals 1d3 hp damage and 1 point of ability drain for a max of three tankards a day.
  12. Fence. The tavernkeep's wife is a member of the local thieves guild and a fence. She will flirt mercilessly with elves, male and female.

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