Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rival Party Members I (1d12)

  1. The fattest gnome magic user you have ever seen.
  2. This fighter is the last scion of a royal dynasty.
  3. A human necromancer needs goblin eyes for his experiments.
  4. This elven bard is rumored to be on the run from a jealous noble.
  5. A dwarven cleric smells strongly of bacon at all times, attracting hungry carnivores and undead.
  6. Two mute, albino porters carry equipment and treasure.
  7. This monk has become addicted to the visions a fungus only found in this dungeon provides.
  8. Captain Jack, everyone’s favorite bisexual time-traveling rogue.
  9. A huge fighter is rumored to be a half-giant. They do an additional damage with two handed weapons.
  10. This goblin is gladly working as a guide for a few gold coins, and will gladly stab them in the back for a few more.
  11. Cleric devoted to restoring desecrated holy sites.
  12. This warrior’s not-quite-human face has a bestial cast to it, and their fingers each end with what can only be called claws.

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