Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Where's that RPG blogger been? (1d12)

  1. Just got out of prison for participation in a riot at GenCon during the Edition Wars.
  2. Sent 2 years into the future by a miscast Gate.
  3. Playing Pool of Radiance in DOSBox.
  4. GURPS deprogramming.
  5. Life became like a Fiasco playset.
  6. Kidnapped and taken to the Illithid homeworld.
  7. Copy-editing their megadungeon.
  8. Kickstarting their new game "Kobold Simulator."
  9. Trapped in Ravenloft.
  10. Spent 5 years trying to figure out 3.5's grapple rules.
  11. Writing MLP fanfic.
  12. In the service of Orcus.

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